How Good Club works

Sustainable shopping made easy

How Good Club works

Zero Waste delivery and collection from your home

Products with this symbol come in returnable pots inside your returnable delivery box
Delivered to your doorstep
(no need to be home)
Empty the contents
into your own jars
Leave your empties out and
weโ€™ll collect them the next day

Shop zero waste staples in reusable pots. Along with 2,000+ of the best more sustainable products

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We deliver to your door (or safe place) in returnable boxes using a carbon neutral courier. There's no need to be home when we deliver.

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Zero waste to
your door

Our returnable pots save CO2 as well as waste to help reduce your carbon footprint compared to regular shopping.

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When youโ€™re done, just pop your empties and protective paper in your box, and leave outside your door for next day collection. We re-use it all!

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Common questions

How does Zero Waste work?

We're totally focused on making shopping as sustainable as possible, and one of, if not the, biggest areas for improvement in groceries is packaging waste. So we thought we'd solve it.

Our zero waste service is simple. You buy Good Club Zero Waste products from our shop and we send them to you in returnable, reusable and BPA free pots inside a returnable, reusable box.

Once you receive your order, empty the pots into your own containers, pop them back in the box, and leave the box outside for us to collect (or you can drop them at a local shop, if you prefer). Easy!

We then wash them and refill them, and the whole cycle starts again. We think it's a simple solution to a complicated problem, and we can't wait for you to try it.

How do I get the boxes and pots back to you?

Your order will now be delivered in our returnable, reusable plastic boxes (no more recycling bin full of cardboard!) and any zero waste products will come in our BPA free pots.

These are much more heavy-duty than our cardboard boxes and can be reused hundreds of times. You can also return all the paper infill used to protect your items and this will also be reused.

Youโ€™ll have two return options to choose from at checkout:

Home collection

The next working day after your delivery, Hermes will come to collect your empty boxes. You don't need to be home to return your boxes - they can be left outside your front door (or any obvious place) for collection. It's no problem if they get wet, and we take full responsibility for the box once you've left it outside.

If your box is delivered early at the weekend but was due for delivery on Monday, the collection will remain scheduled for Tuesday

Shop Return

Your box(es) can be returned via any of Hermes 4,500 national return points, usually located at local shops and newsagents. Please return your box(es) to us at your earliest convenience! Find your closest ParcelShop

How to return your box

Inside your box, you'll find return instructions:

  • Loosen zip ties and remove, save for later!
  • Unpack your shop and empty zero waste products.
  • If you've received more than one box, place any smaller boxes inside any larger boxes (this makes it much more environmentally efficient!)
  • Place your empty pots back in the box/es.
  • Return any unwanted paper packaging with the box/es (we reuse this!)
  • Your return label will be pre stuck and ready to go on the outside of your box.
  • Place the zip ties through the holes on each side of the opening flap and close.
  • Leave outside/take to your local Hermes ParcelShop.
  • Please note a 'late return fee' of ยฃ1 per week is payable for each unreturned box.
I've missed my returnable box collection - what do I do?
If you've forgotten to leave your boxes out for our delivery driver to collect, it's no problem - they'll be back the next day (and the next!) to try again. If you miss all three collections, please email us at and we can book a new collection for you at a convenient time.
What if I can't get into my box?

Not to worry! If you need to cut the zip ties free there will be spares included in the box.

You can also see how the zip ties work here.

How are the reusable pots and boxes cleaned?
Safety is our number one concern when it comes to reusable pots and boxes. All of our returnable pots are cleaned to food safety standards when returned to us, and each reusable box is cleaned and disinfected before being re-used.
Is this more environmentally friendly than just recycling packaging?

When we started designing our zero waste service, we knew we had to make sure it was truly better for the environment than continuing to use single-use packaging - the last thing we wanted was a system that saved some plastic waste but sped up global warming!

After working with Environmental Analysts to produced detailed Life Cycle Analysis of our proposed system, we found that reusing boxes (including the production of the box, transport to and from customers houses) just seven times began to reduce the CO2 produced compared to our single-use cardboard boxes.

By using durable plastic boxes and pots that we're able to reuse hundreds of times, together we'll save an amazing 400 tonnes of plastic from entering the waste stream and reduce CO2 production by 2,500 tonnes in the next 5 years. We'll be publishing the details of our research soon, but in the meantime please be assured that we're doing everything possible to design the most environmentally friendly service possible.

Why are you using plastic for your zero waste/returnable pots and boxes?

When we started the project to develop zero waste groceries, we wanted to make sure we were designing a completely environmentally sound system - the last thing we wanted was a zero waste service that sped up global warming!

Working with Environmental Analysts to produce detailed Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), it was clear that of all available materials, recycled and recyclable plastic was the clear winner in terms of durability and weight, and so CO2 production.

We concluded that plastic does have its place in our world, but only when it's reused many, many times. Once an item comes to the end of its (long) life, it's recycled and absolutely nothing goes to landfill.

We will be publishing the details of our LCA work soon, but in the meantime, be assured that we have taken every step to make sure this is the most environmentally friendly service possible.