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Fennel Seeds

Zero Waste Fennel Seeds

  • £1.45
  • £2.42 per 100g
Caraway Seeds

Zero Waste Caraway Seeds

  • £1.50
  • £2.50 per 100g
Nigella Seeds

Zero Waste Nigella Seeds

  • £1.60
  • £3.20 per 100g
Fenugreek Seeds

Zero Waste Fenugreek Seeds

  • £1.50
  • £2.50 per 100g
Pumpkin Seeds

Zero Waste Pumpkin Seeds

  • £3.99
  • £0.80 per 100g
Hulled Hemp Seeds

The British Hemp Co. Hulled Hemp Seeds

  • £3.50
  • £1.40 per 100g
Organic Black Sesame Seeds

Zero Waste Organic Black Sesame Seeds

  • £2.50
  • £1.00 per 100g
Organic Flax Seeds

Zero Waste Organic Flax Seeds

  • £1.45
  • £0.58 per 100g

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